Edge AI Solution

AI is one of the most crucial and defining components of everyday technology. It’s ubiquitous with innovation and modernization and can be found in virtually every industry ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to retail and education. Because AI technology is evolving so quickly, it’s not only vital, but necessary that companies looking to integrate their own AI solution go one step further and prepare for the future instead of the present.

There are many obstacles, however, that make advanced AI integration exceedingly difficult. If not fed sufficient data and trained properly, an AI’s ability to process information and work efficiently can be extremely limited. It takes a very knowledgeable user base to prime an AI to the point where it can quickly and accurately digest information to make split-second decisions.


As experts in the field of AI hardware integration, Qbic provides its clients with both readymade products as well as tailored ODM services.


Qbic’s own QAI-300 image processing AI delivers lightning-fast calculations with pinpoint accuracy allowing applied technologies to be smarter, faster, and more responsive. The QAI-300 is built on NVIDIA’s own Jetson Xavier NX platform and includes 5x PoE for tasks such as license plate recognition, optical inspection and video surveillance.


Qbic offers additional tailored platforms depending on the client’s need and will leverage its vast resources to develop your unique product and guide you throughout the process by providing consultation, detailed specifications and technical support.



AI Edge Jetson Xavier NX Box-PC