Qbic OS and Firmware Update Notices

Jul 24, 2019

Qbic Android ver. 5.1.1 update notice

Qbic will release firmware version 1.1.0. for Android 5.1.

The main updated difference is the updated Chromium version.

OS version: Android OS 5.1.1.

Update: From Firmware v1.0.29. (Chromium webview version 39)

                to Firmware v1.1.0. or later (Chromium webview version 66)

Affected models: D-1050, TD-1050, FHD-100, BXP-300, BXP-301, BXP-202

If our valued Qbic device owners would like to a pretest of the latest firmware v1.1.0., contact Qbic Support Team. (support@qbictechnology.com) for more information.

Jul 24, 2019

Qbic releases Android 7.1

Qbic announces Android version 7.1 available for below models:


Model :  D-1050, TD-1050, TD-1050 Lite, TD-0350, FHD-100 (31-July, 2019)

               BXP-300 (31-August, 2019)

               BXP-301, BXP-202 (30-September, 2019)

Android version 7.1 provides:

       1. Regular Google patch update

       2. Third-party hardware support - Android 7.1 now compatible with more Third-party hardware.

       3. Greater Android API features for developers APP

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q1: Can I still purchase Qbic Android supported devices with Android version 5.1 ?

A1: Yes, Qbic will continue to offer and support Android 5.1 for the listed models.

       FHD-100, BXP-300, BXP-202, BXP-301, D-1050, TD-1050, TD-0350.

Q2: Should I upgrade to Android 7.1 from Android 5.1 ?

A2: No, we won't recommend upgrading from Android 5.1 to 7.1 if Android 5.1 meets your requirements.

Qbic device owners whom wish to install Android 7.1 may refer to the link below for more information. 


*** Installing Android 7.1 requires an external USB memory stick (thumb drive)

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