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Qbic’s vision is to create innovative technology that helps make life easier with our end to end solutions. As a certified and trusted partner, we’re driven to help shape your ideas into reality.

Qbic provides in-depth consulting to help customers see their unique ideas come to life. It’s our job to guide each and every customer through the product life cycle and ensure ODM products meet the industry’s highest standards. Our engineering process delivers practical improvements by analyzing functionality, performance and manufacturing in order to reduce production cost, energy efficiency, and maximize profitability with the best ROI.

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As experts in the field of AI hardware integration, Qbic provides its clients with both readymade products as well as tailored ODM services.

Qbic’s own QAI-300 image processing AI delivers lightning-fast calculations with pinpoint accuracy allowing applied technologies to be smarter, faster, and more responsive. The QAI-300 is built on NVIDIA’s own Jetson Xavier NX platform and includes 5x PoE for tasks such as license plate recognition, optical inspection and video surveillance.

Edge AI Solution Design & Manufacturing Services

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Our onboard systems relay detailed information including condition monitoring, advanced diagnostics, driving condition, speed control, and precise navigation. When used in public environments such as train stations or bus terminals, our technology can be used to help detect suspicious passenger behavior or count pedestrians.

All our systems are protected from extreme vibrations, harsh weather conditions and wide temperature ranges. To protect against unstable voltage, the system includes a 9V-36V DC input that switches on shortly after a few minutes.

Transportation Design & Manufacturing Services

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Introducing a new line of home automation systems; A sophisticated ARM display that enables homeowners to bring out the best in their living environment. Using a single smart home controller, users can manage all aspects of their homes including climate, lighting, appliances, and entertainment. Our home automation systems are certified by third parties to ensure complete privacy and provide end users with the best possible experience by saving them time, money, and energy.


System sizes come in 5.5”, 8”, 11.6”, and 15.6”.

Home Automation Design & Manufacturing Services

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Qbic Technology is an award-winning manufacturer of all-in-one ARM-based systems for open frame PCs. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers specialize in crafting high-end displays in a variety of shapes and sizes for digital healthcare, transportation, smart retail and factory automation.


Qbic focuses on every aspect of panel PC design. Touch panel applications include: touch type design (P-Cap, Resistant, in-cell, and on-cell technologies), air and direct bonding and anti-glare, fog, and anti-bacterial protection.

Open Frame Design & Manufacturing Services

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Qbic provides highly-adaptable and customizable ARM-based system on modules (SOM) for the integration of different technologies. Our products and services enable companies to have shorter production times, lower costs, and more robust capabilities than their current solutions. Qbic’s unique carrier boards are specifically designed to support the entirety of the SOM family of CPU boards. This maximizes overall performance potential and product longevity and helps Qbic cater to multiple CPU vendors.

SOM (System on Module) Design & Manufacturing Services

Leader in Industrial ARM & ARM customization

for Android & Linux

  • Firmware customization.

  • Industrial and Commercial Android & Linux integration.

  • Dedicated team of professional software engineering.

  • 100 years of combined experience in various SOC's.

  • We are not only experienced, but an awarded team in Touch Panel-PC's.

"Qbic Technology is helping to chart the course for the future of responsive and intelligent ARM-based applications. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to help companies make incredible leaps in their respective industries. Qbic wants its partners to succeed and we can ensure this by reducing their R&D costs and development times and provide customizable options for additional versatility.

As an in-house designer and manufacturer, we can guarantee the best quality assurance and oversee the entire process from beginning to end. Our expert designers and engineers will shape your ideas into reality and provide professional consultation and after service for greater peace of mind.

By lending our resources to the world we will make Qbic a leading brand that reflects quality, innovation, and service.


David Chen

Chief Executive Officer