Factory Automation

Under the conditions of market competition, increasing labor and material cost, environmental awareness, Factory automation is no doubt one of the best remedies to this dilemma.  Automating production can help reduce material waste, keep the product quality consistent, improve the working environment, lower the unit cost and increase profit.  However, there are thousands of different demands and requirements from various manufactures and fields. So how does Qbic fulfill these challenging and demanding tasks?

Qbic, a leading expert in factory automation, is capable of designing and manufacturing dedicated industrial PC for the highly customized and strict request to automate manufactures, such as Broad Voltage Power Input, Wide Range Operating Temperature, Numerous I/O Connectors, Fanless Design, IP Protection, and unique certification and safety.  Qbic’s professionalism and success come from completing the complex automation tasks and reaching a short timeframe and constraint budget.  Last but most important, Qbic always thinks and acts on how to bring the most beneficial to the customers with a reasonable solution.

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