Home Automation

This year, Qbic Technology will be introducing its new line of home automation systems; A sophisticated ARM display that enables homeowners to bring out the best in their living environment. Using a single smart home controller, users can manage all aspects of their homes including climate, lighting, appliances, and entertainment. Our home automation systems are certified by third parties to ensure complete privacy and provide end users with the best possible experience by saving them time, money, and energy.


Customization options for the home automation display includes: WIFI, 5G connectivity, brightness and 10/100/1000 POE for easy installation. System sizes come in 5.5”, 8”, 11.6”, and 15.6”.


For the commercial sector, Qbic provides companies with it’s award-winning desk and room booking systems to help workspaces operate seamlessly. Our strong hardware and software solutions let employees reserve, locate and check in to locations quickly and securely without having to worry about double-booking or crashing ongoing meetings.

All our devices can be configured to display multiple LED status alerts and are compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Google GSuite.