Open Frame

Qbic Technology is an award-winning manufacturer of all-in-one ARM-based systems for open frame PCs. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers specialize in crafting high-end displays in a variety of shapes and sizes for digital healthcare, transportation, smart retail and factory automation.


Qbic focuses on every aspect of panel PC design. Touch panel applications include: touch type design (P-Cap, Resistant, in-cell, and on-cell technologies), air and direct bonding and anti-glare, fog, and anti-bacterial protection.


For chassis mechanical design, we provide customized IDs and ingress protection design.


Mounting types for our systems include: wall-mounts, standalone, flush-mount, recess-mount, mullion mount, and more.

All Qbic panel PCs are made using quality components and are put through rigorous testing for 16/7 usage. We satisfy a wide-range of certifications including IP 65 and 67 as well to pass industrial and military-grade standards.


Qbic offers both OEM and ODM services to help make our client’s ideas come true. Regardless of whether it’s a long-term relationship or case-by-case scenario, large order or small, we will leverage our resources to ensure your customized product makes it to market on time and meets the highest industry standards.