A modern designed LED vacancy light lets anyone visually identify the occupancy status of any room, with bright vivid colors. No more unexpected attendees interrupting a meeting.

How it works

The LED OQ Lamp can be mounted on the entrance wall of any meeting room, social lounge or any space that requires occupancy indication.

OQ sensor/s can be mounted on the ceiling of the space that requires motion detection which will trigger the LED to display the designated color representation of the status.

Feature & Architecture

•    Stylish ID design
•   Plug-and-play OQ Sensor & OQ Lamp for easy installation
•    Wide-range and sensitive detection, Passive Infrared Sensor, up to 140°
•    Single power supply for OQ Hybrid Hub;  OQ Sensor and OQ Lamp via RJ45 ports
•    Customized pairing with multiple OQ Sensors to one OQ Lamp

•    Remotely control the OQ Lamp’s light color and readings on the status of OQ      Sensor & OQ Lamp
•    Flexibility - 5 detection time period of OQ Sensor

Occupancy Hub AC-210.Ex (Combo).png

OQupancy Manager Kit includes

AC-212 x 2
OQ Lamp

Occupancy Indicator Lamp

AC-211 x 1

OQ Sensor

Occupancy PIR Sensor

AC-210.Ex x 1

OQ Hybrid Hub

Occupancy Hub

In: 5 sensors/lamps /

Out: 5 Sensors


FHD-100 x 1


ARM / Android OS

BXP-352 x 1


X86 / Windows & Linux OS



AC-610(B) x 1

Seat Sensor

Occupancy Seat Sensor