Rolling Stock

Qbic has deep and extended experience and know-how to pass one of the most difficult certifications in the vertical markets, called EN 50155, specially designed for Rolling Stock applications. It includes Edge AI surveillance for the security purpose, passenger wifi for entertainment, passenger information system for the information broadcasting, railway computer/controller to control with various sensors or sub-systems, and railway gateway with Intel or ARM platforms in charge of the data transmission through 4G and 5G system. Apart from EN 50155 certification, Qbic’s product mix can perfectly reach the various requirements of the different applications mentioned above. For example, Edge AI surveillance with Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX built-in increases passenger and accident recognition confidence levels. The wide range of power input designs from 24V to 110V DC can make the railway controller work with the different power sources. Stable and high-speed wireless connection, including wifi 2.4G/5G and LTE, offers a good user experience on the internet surfing and in-time video streaming to the management center. Qbic, a leading company in the rolling stock solution, is the best partner for the railway application.

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