A Retails Essential POS Terminal

  • PCAP multi-touch display

  • Modular & versatile

  • 90 degree articulating angle

  • 178 degree vivid all-round viewing angle IPS display

  • Programmable true color LED lights (3 sided)

  • Robust, firm and center-weighted (Wobble free)

  • Multi-platform OS (Windows / Android / Linux)

  • Diverse amount of I/O ports (Multiple peripherals ready)

15" PCAP Touch Screen

Enjoy a more responsive PCAP multi-touch screen with accurate touch points that delivers a satisfying interactive experience.

  • IPS display.

  • 178 degrees wide viewing angle.

Modular & Versatile Peripherals

Incorporate a wide variety of modular peripherals that suite your needs. From second displays, cash drawers, ibutton to NFC readers, the TPS-1500 is designed with careful consideration so that you'll never need to fuss over the hardware and focus on the customer service.

Second Displays

Cash drawer

Thermal Printers

Programmable LED lights

The TPS-1500 is equipped with 3 sided LED lights that can be individually programmed or programmed as a whole. The true color spectrum lets you decide what colors to use and define your own status representation.

True color spectrum

View and interact at your comfort

90 degrees of freedom, 178 degrees of view. The TPS-1500 is designed with sturdy tilt articulating hinge that gives you the freedom to adjust your screen at any angle between 0° - 90° to accommodate viewing comfort and ergonomics, and a 178 degrees of vibrant viewing angle.


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