Qbic’s box PCs and mobile data terminals help to improve commercial and industrial vehicle management, surveillance, and onboard services. We provide a total hardware solution that lets drivers stay healthy and alert while simultaneously ensuring the safety and security of passengers and cargo.

Our onboard systems relay detailed information including condition monitoring, advanced diagnostics, driving condition, speed control, and precise navigation. When used in public environments such as train stations or bus terminals, our technology can be used to help detect suspicious passenger behavior or count pedestrians.


To keep passengers entertained and informed, our devices are capable of supporting 5G and wifi for passengers to view media or browse the web.

All our systems are protected from extreme vibrations, harsh weather conditions and wide temperature ranges. To protect against unstable voltage, the system includes a 9V-36V DC input that switches on shortly after a few minutes.


By implementing our solution, companies can save time and money and have peace of mind about their drivers, passengers and cargo.