Room Panels & Lobby Signage for Efficient and Sustainable Workplaces

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Moving into a new space or looking to upgrade your existing facilities? Don’t forget to think about meeting room panels & digital lobby signage! In a contemporary workplace, they are part of the employee and visitor experience – not only a daily source of information but also an extension of your brand. Everyone anticipates an exceptional digital experience, so it’s time to bid farewell to traditional whiteboards or printed schedules and embrace the paperless approach with digital alternatives.


Why Should You Use Room Panels & Lobby Signage?

Effective room or lobby signage solutions that accurately display relevant information can significantly enhance the efficiency (and sustainability!) of office operations:


Real-Time Availability Overview

As flexible work schedules become more common, employees should be able to enjoy a seamless in-office collaboration experience without the stress of finding a meeting room. Meeting room panel solutions provide a convenient way to achieve this, ensuring real-time updates about space availability.

Savings From Better Room Utilization

Poor office utilization is expensive… but very common. Employees tend to close the doors when rooms aren’t in use, making them appear to be full when they aren’t. Or they cancel a meeting but not the room reservation, leaving the room unused. Room panels help prevent these “bad habits” by displaying the real-time availability of spaces and allowing you to track how often rooms are actually used. Based on this data, you can make future real estate decisions and stop spending money on spaces that are not used.

More Sustainable Office Operations

Room panel solutions play an important role in enhancing the sustainability of office operations through improved space utilization. By providing real-time information about room availability and occupancy status, room panels reduce instances of rooms being left unoccupied. Efficient use of meeting spaces minimizes energy consumption and environmental impact associated with lighting, heating, and cooling.

Improved Visitor Experience

Digital lobby signage solutions can serve as part of a broader wayfinding system, displaying the name and number of conference rooms and helpful directions for visitors. But that’s not it! These adaptable and user-friendly systems can also effectively communicate information about new products, company updates, and upcoming events, creating a positive visitor experience and positioning your lobby for a great first impression.

Better Employee Experience

Finding a meeting room or locating a specific desk within a large office is not just time-consuming but also frustrating. Removing this frustration enhances the employee experience. Digital signage solutions not only help with space planning but also make it easier for employees to navigate their workplace. Moreover, employees expect the tools they use in the workplace to look as inviting and user-friendly as the ones they use at home. And good digital signage solutions offer just that!

Looking For Room Panel and Digital Lobby Signage Solutions?

YAROOMS applications, made easy by the vibrant, interactive touchscreens and built-in NFC/RFID support in Qbic’s display panels, can help you! Enhance the workplace experience for everyone who moves through your office – with real-time information about what’s booked, what’s free, and when meetings are taking place.

YAROOMS Room Panel application clearly indicates which spaces are available, and which are occupied (and until when). It only takes a glance to see who booked the room, all the upcoming reservations, and find the next available slot. It is also possible to book meeting spaces or end/extend the meeting on the spot, at the door.

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Meanwhile, with the YAROOMS Lobby Display, you can display meeting room availability or upcoming events in real-time. When potential employees, clients, and visitors walk into the office, they first step into the lobby or reception area, so you can welcome your visitors with helpful information and a consistent brand experience.

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