Amidst the e-commerce and tech-driven evolution of retail, Qbic’s adaptable solutions enhance in-store experiences with personalized, immersive customer journeys. Our specialized devices and high-powered box PCs enable businesses to power captivating displays that guide customers through your store or mall, and fostering a competitive edge in today’s dynamic retail landscape.

Digital Signage

Maximize efficiency with Qbic’s high-performance box PCs, offering crisp 4K displays for impactful content delivery. Our touchscreen panel PCs provide interactive demos and aid in store navigation, enhancing customer experience. For an energy-efficient solution, consider our ePapers, providing clear, backlight-free, paper-like displays for superior readability. Qbic delivers comprehensive digital solutions tailored for your retail needs.

  • ePaper display
  • Shelf advertising display
  • Marketing ads
  • Interactive product catalog
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Transform your customer journey with Qbic panels, featuring high-resolution cameras for swift QR code scanning, enabling easy discount redemption. Leverage our flexible self-service kiosks, adaptable with a range of peripherals, to streamline checkout and loyalty sign-ups, or to track sales trends. Our interactive displays provide personalized virtual assistance, enhancing customer service while reducing employee workload.

  • Self-service check-out
  • Product information
  • Order placement and pickup
  • Virtual customer assistance

Queuing Management

Streamline queueing and improve the shopping experience with our versatile kiosks that can be configured to display estimated wait times and offer QR codes for shoppers to join a virtual queue. Add a visual element to the queuing experience by wiring up fitting rooms with our plug-and-play OQupancy Manager kit, allowing customers to quickly find vacant rooms through motion sensors that activate well-positioned LED lights as visual cues.

  • Digital queue systems
  • Smart fitting rooms
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Personalized Marketing

Leverage BLE beacons on select Qbic devices to deliver tailored content to customers near specific products, departments, or store areas, enhancing marketing message relevance. With push notifications, direct shoppers to a nearby panel PC and showcase up-to-date, personalized product information, special discounts, courtesy of the advanced connectivity technologies integrated into our solutions.

  • Personalized marketing notifications
  • Personalized product content and discount offers

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