Smart Panel PC

The integration of technology in the workplace has transformed the way we work, and ePaper and smart panel PCs are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Our company’s latest addition of smart panel PCs offers a sleek and versatile solution that enables easy access to critical data and applications, making it an ideal tool for various industries.

ePaper Panels

EP-0400 Hero


4.2" 400x300 Display
3 Year Battery Life
Cable Free
EP-0700 Hero


7.5" 800x480 Display
3 Year Battery Life
Cable Free

Smart Panels

TD-0360 BookBuddy Thumbnail

TD-0360 BookBuddy

3.6" 480x480 Smart Panel
Apple Wallet Compatible
On-Cell Touch Display Tech
TD-0350 Thumbnail


3.5" 480x320 Panel PC
NFC Embedded
Status LED Lights
Luminen Family

Luminen Series

KNX Compatible
3-in-1 Design
Anti-Microbial Display
TD-1070 Hero


10" Full HD IPS Display
TD-1060 Slim

TD-1060 Slim

10" Full HD IPS Display
Ultra-thin Chassis
Variable Angle Installation
TD-1050 Pro

TD-1050 Pro

10.1" Touch Panel PC
8MP AF Camera

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