The Contemporary Art of Desk Booking

A simple and elegant desk booking panel PC that enables real-time space booking for shared desks, spaces, and amenities across business or leisure facilities. The TD-0350 increases space utilization and optimizes efficiency with a small form factor.

TD-0350 NFC Icon
TD-0350 3.5 LCD
TD-0350 internal speaker
TD-0350 noise reduction mic
TD-0350 Multitouch
TD-0350 wifi icon
TD-0350 status led
TD-0350 Tamper Proof
180 Orientation
TD-0350 water resistant

Simple and Elegant

Effortlessly reserve your preferred workspace with the TD-0350, the ultimate desk booking panel pc that boasts a sleek and sophisticated design. Perfectly suited for both corporate and recreational environments, this elegant device simplifies the booking process and enhances productivity with its intuitive interface and compact size. Say goodbye to the hassle of booking a workspace and hello to a seamless and stylish solution.

TD-0350_ RFID (NFC)

Seamless and Secure with RFID (NFC)

Introducing the next-level of convenience and security, our cutting-edge TD-0350 Smart Panel PC is now equipped with built-in RFID (NFC) technology! This powerful feature streamlines the sign in/out process, making your daily operations a breeze. No more hassle with manual entries, just tap and go! 

Skype Supported

The TD-0350 takes collaboration to the next level with its seamless integration of Skype. With its interactive touch screen, you can easily initiate Skype calls directly from the device. No more wasting time searching for your laptop or tablet, simply tap the Skype icon and start your meeting right from your desk. Get ready to take your collaboration to the next level with the TD-0350 and Skype!

TD-0350 Skype Supported
TD-0350 Internal Speaker

Internal Speaker

No longer do you have to rely on external speakers or headphones to hear audio during a meeting or presentation. The high-quality internal speakers provide clear, crisp audio, making it easy to hear every word and detail of your calls and presentations. With their powerful sound output, you’ll never miss a beat, even in noisy open-space environments. The speakers also enhance the overall user experience, making it easier to enjoy multimedia content such as videos and music right from your desk.

Water Resistant

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with the TD-0350 Desk-booking panel-pc – the unbeatable solution for any work environment, even those prone to spills and splashes. Its cutting-edge water-resistant design provides unbeatable protection against the elements, ensuring your device is as durable as it is reliable for all your desk reservation needs.

TD-0350 Waterproof
TD-0350 Tamper Proof


The Panel-PC is designed to mount on any surface effortlessly, whether it’s solid oak to glass desktops, without needing to apply any damages or permanent markings on the surface. USB power cords are specifically designed to be tamper-proof to prevent any vandalism to the device.


ProcessorARM Quad-core 1.6GHz
OSAndroid 5.1 / Android 7.1
APIHTML5 / Android API
Memory1GB DDR3L
Storage8GB eMMC
Display3.5”, 480x320, multi-touch, 350 nits
NFC/RFIDStd. (13.56MHz)
Opt. H Version, (Embedded Human-Interface-Device)(13.56MHz and 125KHz)
NetworkWLAN 802.11 b/g/n, single band 2.4GHz
IO port1 x Micro USB for Power-in 1 x Micro USB for ADB / OTG 1 x Micro USB for Host sensor
Dimension122mm x 116mm x 13mm
Operating Temp.0~50℃

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