Introducing the Qbic AC-610 Seat Sensor. Using heat & motion sensors, it accurately detects whether you’re sitting, standing, or just passing by. It can distinguish between movements and identifies your presence, making it perfect for workspace use.

Smart Monitoring. Smart Spaces.

The heat & motion sensors of the AC-610 provide numerous benefits for indoor use. Firstly, its accurate detection of thermal radiation and motion enables it to easily distinguish between movements, accurately identifying when someone is sitting, standing, or passing by. This feature is extremely useful in offices or other shared spaces, where spaces and electricity consumption can be optimized only when someone is seated at their desk.

AC-610 sensors
AC-610 TD-0350

TD-0350 Compatibility

AC-610 works in tandem with Qbic’s 3.5” desk booking system, the TD-0350. Together, they form an ideal solution for optimizing open/shared/hoteling spaces. This solution opens up the ability to gather space utilization analytics, monitoring real-time space usage status and ultimately, save cost on real estate.

Unlock Your Space's Hidden Possibilities Today!

Introducing the game-changing AC-610 seat sensor and OQupancy Manager combo! This plug & play kit enhances office productivity while providing valuable insights into space usage. With its easy-to-use and customizable features, businesses can optimize space utilization and reduce operational costs. Unlock your space’s full potential with the OQupancy Manager!


Technical Specification 
I/O Interface1 x micro USB for TD-0350 USB port connection
Installation Ideal height750mm (29.53 inch) ± 50mm
Installation Ideal depth350mm (13.78 inch) ± 50mm
Installation Ideal Distance between each sensormin 1000mm (39.37inch) ± 50mm
Power Input5V, power by TD-0350
Operating Temperature15°C to 30°C (59°F to 95°F)
Storage temperature-20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
Dimension80mm (Ø Dia.) x 20mm (H) (3.15 inch (Ø Dia.) x 0.79 inch (H))
Cable Length3000 mm (118 inch) Micro USB
Weight120g (0.26lbs)
MountingBracket (Adhesive/ Screw)

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