Qbic is reshaping healthcare facilities management with solutions enhancing efficiency for both patients and staff. We streamline asset management, optimize resource distribution, and refine space utilization. Utilize our compact box PCs for clear displays, expedite patient flow with self-service kiosks, and boost signage effectiveness with our smart panel PCs and ePapers.

Access Control / Visitor Management

Qbic offers streamlined, intuitive solutions to optimize your healthcare facility’s operations by improving visitor management, bolstering security, and fostering a safer post-pandemic environment. For example, Qbic has equipped specific devices with antimicrobial displays, offering visitors peace of mind. Our panel PCs enable secure access to inpatient wards via NFC/RFID or QR code scanning, while our solutions can also easily integrate with existing healthcare systems, facilitating patient self-registration and streamlining administrative tasks.

  • Visitor management
  • Access management to areas
  • Patient check-in
  • Staff authentication and attendance tracking
Healthcare - Access Control
Healthcare - room signage

Room Signage

Clearly convey essential patient information on select Qbic devices that are mountable on virtually any surface. Our solutions are designed to minimize downtime in a bustling environment where every moment counts for patient care. For a minimalistic solution, our battery-powered, cableless ePapers feature a wide-viewing angle that ensures better visibility and less light pollution to support the patient’s healing process, thanks to the backlight-free design.

  • Inpatient wardroom signage
  • Outpatient clinic signage

Digital Signage

End unclear wayfinding and convey crucial information to patients, visitors, and staff. Select Qbic panel PCs come with direct-bonded displays that offer crisp, vibrant colors and a wide-viewing angle for easy viewing in crowded hospital areas. Our budget-friendly box PCs deliver powerful performance in a compact size, effortlessly powering stunning 4K displays. Deploy our scalable e-papers as medicine shelf labels for quick and accurate updates.

  • Infotainment in the waiting area
  • Wayfinding
  • Medicine shelf label
Solution Page-Healthcare-Self-Service Queueing

Self-Service / Queueing

Improve patient satisfaction by streamlining the waiting processes. Our kiosks and panel PCs can help patients check in, book appointments, and reduce queuing times. Easily customize what you need for your kiosks, as we offer flexible configuration options, such as barcode scanners, NFC readers, and QR code readers. And in the post-pandemic world, we’ve designed select smart panel PC displays with an antimicrobial glass surface for peace of mind.

  • Waiting room queueing
  • Check-in / out
  • Appointment booking
  • Bill payment

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