Navigating global transportation hubs can become a daunting experience as hubs expand in size and compexlity. Finding a digital signage solution that can easily power 4K displays for crystal-clear wayfinding, come in a small form factor while featuring easy configuration, can be equally challenging. Enter Qbic’s powerful, compact box PCs for a wide-range of digital signage purposes, as well as our sleek, self-service kiosks that are customizable with peripherals.


Qbic’s sleek, budget-friendly, fanless, and robust box PCs seamlessly power striking 4K displays, providing clear, user-friendly wayfinding information to enhance traveler satisfaction. Our adaptable solutions, like the self-service kiosk, support diverse connectivity options, ensuring real-time, precise guidance on optimal routes. Equipped with independent watchdog timers, we safeguard crucial wayfinding information availability 24/7, minimizing downtime and extra maintenance.

  • Interactive wayfinding kiosk
  • Virtual customer service
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Self-Service / Queueing

Reduce queue wait times using devices like our select panel PCs with high-resolution cameras and self-service kiosks featuring QR code scanners. Streamline self-service tasks such as baggage handling, ticketing, and lost-and-found assistance in bustling transportation hubs. Our solutions connect seamlessly with existing systems, displaying estimated wait times at ticket counters and queue locations. With watchdog timers and easy mounting options, our devices are designed for minimal maintenance and downtime.

  • Airport arrival check-in
  • Lost and found
  • Ticketing
  • Automated bus fare collection

Digital Signage

Enhance the travel experience for passengers by providing real-time information and public transportation updates with Qbic’s box PCs. Affordable and powerful, our box PCs deliver essential travel information such as schedules, routes, delays, baggage claim details, and platform changes. Our self-service kiosks can offer travelers personalized content and promotions on interactive touchscreen panels, such as travel guides, local attractions, and other related information. With seamless connectivity, passengers can confidently plan or adjust their itineraries on the fly by receiving real-time updates.

  • Transit and passenger information
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Local news updates
  • Interactive maps and travel guides
  • Airport lounge sleeping pod signage
  • Baggage claim station
  • Emergency and evacuation information
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