Qbic Technology is committed to pioneering smarter living spaces globally. Our innovative, KNX-compatible home automation solutions, including the Luminen smart control system and video intercoms, are designed to enrich lifestyle, bolster security, and simplify home management. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing homes everywhere, turning them into intelligent, convenient, and personalized environments.

Home automation

Qbic redefines living spaces through home automation. Our KNX-compatible Luminen series effortlessly manages diverse appliances, allowing homeowners to personalize routines, from automated shade control to pre-set HVAC systems. Added features include LED indicators for events and adjustable mood lighting. Our all-in-one design ensures easy installation, enhancing comfort and convenience.

  • Personalized ambient environment
  • Resource and utility management
  • Lighting and temperature control
  • Home and safety monitoring (water leaks, smoke alarms, CO detectors)
Luminen Ambient LED
Visitor Management-Residential

Access Control

Qbic’s smart controls, panel PCs, and video intercoms simplify home and property security, offering clear communication and improved access control. Our resilient video intercoms are adaptable to various environments, while AI-enhanced features, including facial recognition in our Luminen smart control, provide advanced security. Allow homeowners and property managers gain peace of mind with Qbic’s award-winning secure solutions.

  • Entry access
  • Video intercom
  • Remote access
  • Property monitoring

Digital Signage

Elevate residential settings like condominiums and high-rises with cost-effective digital signage, offering dynamic infotainment and real-time updates. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing decor, simplifying installation with diverse mounting options and enhancing resident interaction. Built-in watchdog timers guarantee smooth operation with minimized downtime, ensuring continuous delivery of information while streamlining maintenance tasks.

  • Infotainment
  • Advertising for property managers
  • Residential content management (local news, reports, etc.)

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