Transform the way you manage your workspace with Qbic’s AC-212 LED status lamps. These sleek lamps indicate room occupancy and are activated by both PIR and seat sensors. With a stylish and modern design, they’re the perfect addition to any workplace.

Mounting Made Easy

The AC-212 LED status lamps have the remarkable ability to be mounted unobtrusively on any wall or glass surface. This means that the status lamps do not require any special hardware or space, and can be placed almost anywhere with ease. Once installed, the lamps blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment and do not take up valuable space or add any visual distractions.

AC-212 colors

Identify Room Status At A Glance

The modern and sleek design of the AC-212 LED status lamps provides an efficient and effective solution for identifying the occupancy status of any room. The bright and vivid colors of the lamps, which change from green to red, make it easy to know when a room is available or occupied. No more awkward interruptions during meetings or unexpected guests in your workspace.

Enhance Your Space's Potential

The AC-212 LED status lamps and OQupancy Manager work together to improve energy efficiency, security, and space utilization. The easy-to-use kit is customizable and provides the tools to help businesses reduce operational costs. 


I/O Interface1x RJ45 port inside for Hub (AC-210) connection
LED color control: Green / Red
Preset power supplied from Hub (AC-210)
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 50°C
Dimensions140mm (Diameter) x 63mm (H)

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