OQupancy Manager

OQupancy Manager

Get ready to take your space optimization to the next level with the incredible OQupancy Manager plug & play kit! With OQ sensors, you can effortlessly mount them on your ceiling and enable motion detection for your designated area. When activated, the LED will display the current status. This easy-to-use kit is perfect for those looking to maximize space and make the most out of their environment.

The Smart Way to Manage Your Workspace

Say goodbye to wasted resources and hello to the future of workspace management with the OQupancy Manager. Streamline your operations and reduce costs with this powerful and customizable kit designed to boost energy efficiency, security, and space utilization. The AC-610 OQ seat sensor, AC-211 PIR sensor, AC-212 OQ LED indicator lamp, AC-210.EX Hub and FHD-100 Box PC, work seamlessly together to create a dynamic and efficient hub of productivity. Whether you’re running a small business or a large corporation, the OQupancy Manager is the perfect solution for transforming your workspace into a smart and innovative environment.

AC-210.EX Application


Introducing the Qbic AC-610 Seat Sensor. Using heat & motion sensors, it accurately detects whether you’re sitting, standing, or just passing by. It can distinguish between movements and identifies your presence, making it perfect for workspace use.


Equipped with infrared technology, the AC-211 detects motion and triggers a color-coded indicator system to communicate the occupancy status of your space visually.

AC-211 Flexible Mounting
AC212 Design


Transform the way you manage your workspace with Qbic’s AC-212 LED status lamps. These sleek lamps indicate room occupancy and are activated by both PIR and seat sensors. With a stylish and modern design, they’re the perfect addition to any workplace.


Revolutionize the way you track room occupancy with our AC-210.Ex Hybrid Hub. Equipped with a sleek design and LED vacancy light, you can easily and visually identify the status of any space. Plus, with the ability to mix and match different sensors, you can customize your occupancy solution to meet your unique requirements. 

AC-210.EX with sensors
FHD-100 Hero


The FHD-100 is a compact and practical box PC, ready for 1080P, and packed with essential features for digital signage and kiosk applications, such as a BLE beacon, real-time streaming protocol, PiP capability, and supports touchscreens, to name a few. Experience affordable and effective advertising with this no-frills solution.

AC-210.EX Topography

The topography image reveals the OQupancy Manager to achieve optimal space utilization and support businesses save costs.

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