Qbic Technology Recognized by NXP as a Pivotal Ecosystem Partner in COMPUTEX Keynote

Qbic Recognized as NXP Partner

NEW TAIPEI, TAIWAN – At a recent COMPUTEX keynote, Qbic Technology was highlighted among prominent industry players by NXP Semiconductors, underscoring Qbic’s essential role in navigating the complexities of emerging technological ecosystems.

The keynote, “Shaping Ecosystems To Master Complexity,” presented by NXP Executive Vice President Rafael Sotomayor, is now available for viewing here.

As a registered Independent Design House with NXP Semiconductors, Qbic brings numerous advantages to the table for clients seeking to innovate in their respective fields:

Efficient Project Deployment: Qbic’s expertise with NXP products guarantees seamless project execution.

Faster Time-to-Market: With Qbic, clients can expect an expedited process to launch their products and solutions.

Unique, NXP-Endorsed Products: Clients can anticipate differentiated, cutting-edge products that meet NXP’s high standards.

NXP-Certified Design and Production: With NXP’s approval, Qbic offers advanced product design and production capabilities.

Robust Support: Comprehensive support, spanning from pre-sales to design and technical aspects, is provided by Qbic to ensure smooth client experiences.

One prime example of Qbic’s innovative offerings is the Luminen series. Enhanced by NXP’s advanced technologies, the Luminen series provides a user-friendly, elegant, and personalized smart control solution. Available in four sizes, the Luminen series meets diverse needs and fits perfectly in various spaces. With its cutting-edge technology, it has emerged as the ideal choice for luxury homes and high-end hotels seeking to provide an elevated experience to their occupants.

Qbic’s partnership with NXP not only enhances its capabilities but also bolsters the technology ecosystem of Taiwan. Clients can be assured of quality, innovation, and efficiency when partnering with Qbic Technology.

For more information about Qbic Technology’s role as a registered Independent Design House with NXP, visit https://www.nxp.com/webapp/connect/displayPartnerProfile.sp?partnerId=23161/.

For more information about Qbic Technology and the Luminen series, visit https://www.qbictechnology.com/Luminen. To learn more about NXP Semiconductors and their high-performance mixed-signal electronics, visit https://www.nxp.com/.

About Qbic Technology (www.qbictechnology.com)

Qbic Technology (6825.TW), a pioneering force in high-performance, low-power ARM-based devices and solutions, revolutionizes spaces worldwide with smarter and eco-friendlier technologies. Qbic is uniquely positioned to cater to diverse industry needs with years of award-winning expertise in power-efficient ARM technology. Fueled by a strong commitment to excellence, Qbic offers comprehensive ODM/DMS services and delivers tailor-made intelligent devices and solutions that can transform clients’ visions into reality.

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