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Terms and conditions of use of Qbic marketing materials

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All rights to the Qbic marketing materials (photography, artwork and text) ('marketing materials') contained in this toolkit are owned by Qbic Technology Co. Ltd. & Qbic America Inc. and remain the property of the Qbic in general.

Qbic Technology Co., Ltd. and Qbic America Inc.

You may only use the marketing materials :

if you are a commercial partner of the Qbic and have a current ecolabel license agreement; and in connection with the Qbic and Qbic labelled products; and as long as the Qbic has expressly approved any artwork that includes any marketing materials : in writing, and before the artwork is printed and/or distributed to any third parties; and for the purpose of promotion, in the territories, for the periods and subject to any conditions laid down by Qbic granting such approval or limitations as to use.

Please send all draft artwork, together with an explanation of your proposed use of the artwork, to

By downloading any marketing materials you agree :

that the license granted to you is personal and non-assignable; that it may be withdrawn or terminated at any time by notice from Qbic to you; not to do anything inconsistent with the Qbic’s ownership of all the copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights in the marketing materials ('the Qbic's Pre-existing Intellectual Property'); not to sub-licence or allow anyone else to use any of Qbic's Pre-Existing IPR; only to use the marketing materials following the approvals and for the purposes in accordance with the terms and conditions set out above; not to use the Qbic's Pre-existing IPR in any way which would cause them to:

become generic; lose their distinctiveness; become liable to mislead the public; not to use the Qbic's Pre-Existing IPR in any way would be materially detrimental to or inconsistent with the good name, goodwill, reputation and image of Qbic.; and to incorporate such copyright and trade mark notices as Qbic shall specify.

In these terms and conditions, the term "Qbic" includes both the Qbic Technology Co., Ltd. and Qbic America Inc.