Digital Signage specialist easescreen and Qbic Technology finalize strategic partnership

easescreen and Qbic strategic partnership

Complete integration of the easescreen eSign room booking software into Qbic’s new 10.1″ TD-1050 Touch Panel

Graz, April 25, 2017. easescreen, a leading provider of digital signage software and Qbic Technology, Taiwan, announce their worldwide partnership. Qbic is the developer and manufacturer of embedded systems for industrial and panel PCs, as well as for efficient messaging media applications in the areas of digital signage, advertising media, and interactive communication. easescreen’s eSign room booking software is fully integrated into the new 10.1″TD-1050 touch panel, which was awarded the 2017 iF Design Award, and will be offered in the future as an interactive overall system for flexible booking and efficient administration of rooms and areas in the global markets.

The easescreen component eSign has been specially developed for room bookings, visitor information and an orientation system. eSign ensures automatic real-time updates and energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free operation. The software is compatible with all conventional database types and booking systems. As an example, this allows for comfortable room planning and booking via the exchange appointment calendar. 

The 10.1″ touch panel is designed for a wide range of applications. Qbic offers 3-sided, color customizable LED status displays, a classy, ergonomic design as well as a slim chassis that can be mounted on any surface – even on translucent glass. The touch panels are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as the BLE Beacon function (Bluetooth Low Energy) for transmitting content to mobile devices, built-in NFC sensors (RFID), PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) and X2 USB connectors. 

“We’ve been working with easescreen for quite some time and we quickly realized that we share common values,” said Fred Liao, Marketing Manager at Qbic Technology. “easescreen has seamlessly integrated eSign into our hardware. With the strategic partnership, we will share our mutual resources and bring unique, future-oriented room booking solutions to the market that meet all our customers’ requirements.” 

“Together we integrate powerful hardware and software from two innovative companies into a perfect Digital Signage system. Our customers benefit from intuitive, flexible room management, significantly improved capacity utilization, enormous time and cost savings, and the door displays provide a professional and modern impression in terms of design and quality. We are looking forward to working closely with Qbic, and the opportunity to reach the Asian market.” adds Gerhard Pichler, CEO of easescreen. 

easescreen is available in 80 countries. The Digital Signage solution is marketed in Europa, Africa, North and South America, as well as in the Middle East by distributors, system integrators and partners. Furthermore, Qbic operates in Asia and through a worldwide distribution network. 

About easescreen 

easescreen, headquartered in Graz, Austria, is a digital signage solution with a modular software structure for limitless application possibilities, ranging from automatically updating electronic posters of all sizes, interactive terminals to managing large trans-regional screen networks. With easescreen, multimedia content is controlled, planned and distributed in one single application – intuitive to use, directly from the workplace. easescreen is not tied to any industry at all and is used in wholesale and retail, in industry, transport, also health and education, in the public sector, museums, as well as in hotels and gastronomy. easescreen is one of the leading Digital Signage solutions and is in use at well-known customers such as Allianz, AVL List, Boing, Casinos Austria, Heineken, OMV, Post AG, Rewe, Siemens, universities throughout Europe, Vodafone or in many bank institutions worldwide. 

About Qbic Technology 

Qbic specializes in Design, Customization and Seamless solutions in PRO/AV & IT Digital Displays, providing a total solution for efficient messaging media, whether it is digital signage, advertising media cast or interactive communication. The research and development team is sophisticated in developing professional PC/IPC/image technology on ARM-based systems for various vertical market demands. With such a profound team of engineers, the company is innovative in designing cutting edge technology along with solutions that satisfies market requirements. Qbic offers not only our standard line of products, but also customized services for diverse demands. The products passes through a series of rigorous testing process and quality assurance procedures at all levels from design to production. All Qbic products meet FCC and CE standards.

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