Qbic releases Android 10 to its several and latest models

Qbic is pleased to announce that Qbic’s several and latest models are supporting Android 10.

As a leader in industrial PC design, Qbic’s primary goal is to help its partners build the most reliable and secure products as effectively as possible. One way we manage to do this is by implementing vital updates to our Android platform. Now, Qbic is pleased to announce that Qbic’s several and latest models are supporting Android 10.


Top 5 Benefits of Using Qbic Android 10

Easy to Upgrade:

For our current customers, upgrading to Qbic Android 10 is incredibly easy. The Qbic Update allows users to install Android 10 risk and hassle free.

Easy to Use:

Qbic UI provides users with a seamless experience. There’s no learning curve for users who update to Android 10.

Easy to Develop:

All Qbic Exclusive Features are inherited from previous Qbic Android OS. Software partners can still develop new APPs easily using existing features. This also means that developers do not need to modify APPs that use Qbic Exclusive Features after updating.

Easy to Keep Up:

Bug fixes and security updates are extremely critical to address system vulnerabilities and protect against unauthorized access or malicious software. Qbic provides up-to-date bug fixes and Qbic Security Updates to protect Qbic devices during the entire Google service period.

Easy to Adapt:

Finally, Qbic Android 8 and 10 both perform flawlessly. Customers can choose the version that is most suitable for their device and transition whenever the time is right.


Additional advantages are available for Qbic partners such as the Qbic Customization Service. This highly-reliable and profitable ecosystem enables our partners to become part of the Qbic Ecosystem and grow alongside Qbic. We hope to see you become part of the Qbic family.

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