Security on Your Terms: From Standard to Premium

In an era where digital threats loom more prominent than ever, Qbic Technology reaffirms its commitment to robust cybersecurity by introducing our enhanced security tiers: Fortify+ Standard and Fortify+ Premium. 

Designed to meet the varied security requirements of our clients, our award-winning Fortify+ ensures that your Qbic devices, data, and business operations are equipped with advanced protection, regardless of your organization’s size.


Introducing Fortify+ Standard and Premium

Fortify+ Standard: This foundational tier, available across our TD Series, is crafted for both effectiveness and simplicity. It features Secure Connection, Data Encryption, and Permission Management. These essential components provide a solid security framework, offering reliable defense mechanisms that integrate seamlessly with your daily operations.

Fortify+ Premium: Building on the Standard tier’s offerings, Fortify+ Premium introduces advanced security measures. Admin Authentication* and Privacy Protection* are customizable features that enhance access control and data privacy. The addition of Forti-Update and Device Integrity* maintains system integrity against new threats, while Forti-Boot* provides environmental protection, securing the start-up processes of your systems.

Available as an integrated feature within our Luminen Series, Fortify+ Premium can also be customized for select Qbic devices, providing bespoke security solutions tailored to your needs. This feature is particularly beneficial in corporate environments and government agencies where safeguarding mission-critical, confidential data and assets is paramount. It offers enhanced security in boardrooms and executive offices, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected against unauthorized access.

At Qbic Technology, we recognize that security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer our award-winning security solution across Qbic devices, ensuring personalized, comprehensive protection that meets your business’s unique needs—from our foundational Standard to our advanced Premium tiers.

Ready to elevate your security standards? Contact our expert team today to tailor a Fortify+ solution that fits your specific needs. Because your peace of mind is non-negotiable – secure it with Fortify+.

*Available with tailored customization

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