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For more than 24 years, easescreen has played a leading role in shaping the digital signage industry. Over 10,000 active networks worldwide demonstrate our technological leadership. easescreen delivers professional solutions for simple and intuitive content distribution, even in complex and dynamic scenarios. Regional certified partners in 100+ countries provide expertise and know-how for your customized solution – from digital door signs to a global digital signage network. easescreen doesn’t chase trends – it allows you to set trends!

With easescreen, you can easily create and deliver content – to one output device or multiple, at different locations around the world. Manage your information, messages, and locations effortlessly with just one software. Whether you need one or thousands of licenses, easescreen is scalable to fit your needs.

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easescreen eSign is an innovative room booking and resource management solution. eSign Doorsigns support in combination with an eSign Server the two-way synchronization and automatic import of booking information (Microsoft Exchange/ Outlook, Google Calendar etc.) and are compatible with all common database types and booking systems via CSV or XML.

The easescreen software is infinitely scalable and can grow and be adapted together with your project and / or company - from a single display solution up to transnational networks.

• Room booking via a web browser or calendar connectors
• Direct integration of inventory and catering bookings
• Preview of every display via the easescreen Web interface
• Evaluation and optimization via log file analysis
• Open databases for customer-specific integrations
• Bidirectional booking

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