Pickcel’s digital signage provides businesses with powerful and easy-to-use software solutions for digital signage, offering both cloud-based and on-premise options to streamline content management and screen management. Pickcel’s strength lies in its flexible and customizable platform, facilitating seamless integration with any in-house application, such as CRM, ERP, and Dashboards. Ensuring high security, Pickcel is SOC 2 compliant and operates on a global scale, serving large businesses and managing extensive display networks.

Pickcel elevates digital signage with its dynamic integration capabilities

Seamlessly connect with social platforms like X, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and broadcast live with Zoom and Teams. Integrating with Power BI and Tableau for live dashboards. Enhance retail experiences with POS system integration for real-time product updates. Pickcel also syncs with in-house ERP, CRM, and Service Desks via REST API to display real-time feeds. Additional integrations include flight schedules, stock prices, exchange rates, weather updates, and traffic information, making Pickcel a versatile tool for diverse informational needs.

60+ content apps

60+ in built Content App

Pickcel offers 60+ of integrated apps within its software, including popular options like Slack, Microsoft Teams, AQI, Weather App and Live Streaming App. Pickcel Digital menu board App is widely used by the QSR clients globally. These apps empower users to access real-time and relevant information through the Pickcel digital signage platform. Selecting the appropriate app is effortless, allowing seamless automated content delivery to screens. This flexibility enables users to tailor their content display according to their specific needs, ensuring effective communication and engagement.

Media design tool set

Artboard, a dynamic and adaptable design tool offered by Pickcel to create compelling visual experiences. With Artboard, users can effortlessly tailor-design and publish stunning images, shapes, texts, and more, with ready-to-use templates supported in portrait and landscape modes. With options to customize templates per requirements and numerous font and color options helps in meeting advanced branding requirements, like creating digital menu boards, corporate announcements, or announcing flash sales at retail stores.

Media design tool set
Pickcel Go

Pickcel Go

Pickcel has brought some of their web console features to be accessible by mobile devices as well using the Pickcel Go app. With the Pickcel Go app, one can manage digital signage network anytime on the fly, with their mobile devices.

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