Telelogos offers a comprehensive workspace management solution, leveraging its expertise in room booking management and digital signage. Users can effortlessly search and book the perfect workspace, anytime and anywhere, streamlining their workflow like never before.

Coupled with their digital signage solution, buildings’ floor plans, room locations, status, and ongoing meetings are displayed in real-time, ensuring seamless office operations.

Experience a smoother office life with Telelogos.

Join Head of Pre-Sales Martin Lynch as he presents how Telelogos’ Meeting4Display workplace solution is effortlessly integrated with Qbic devices.

Centralized Information
Thanks to Touch Panels

The touch panels allow you to instantly:

  • Check the status of the space
  • Easily book the space for your needs
  • Access the details of the ongoing meeting (if applicable)
  • Extend or cancel your booking in just one click
  • Quickly book another room if the current one is unavailable

Increased Visibility of Room Status
with LED Banners

Immediately indicate the room’s occupancy status, even if you’re not directly in front of the touch panel:

  • Red: Currently occupied
  • Green: Available for booking
  • Orange: Temporarily available (with a meeting scheduled to start shortly)

QR Code

Scan the QR code located in the bottom left of the touch panel using the mobile app to place authenticated bookings to directly see and manage them in your agenda.

Effective Communication

Combined with Telelogos’ digital signage solution, the touch panels are transformed into powerful internal communication tools. Easily broadcast customizable content of your choice, enhancing internal communication across your workspace.

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