The Qbic AC-500 GPIO/Relay Extender Board is a practical answer for anyone in search of a powerful GPIO/Relay extender. This innovative peripheral gives you unparalleled power and adaptability, making it a breeze to expand your GPIO capabilities and link several devices. The Qbic AC-500 is an ideal solution for a vast array of applications, from the comfort of your home to the rigors of industrial control.

Control Your Space Effortlessly

Experience a new level of secure control with our GPIO/Relay Extender board, fully compatible with Qbic’s Android Box PCs and Panel PCs. With just one click, you can effortlessly manage access to your space through an electric bolt lock. Not only that, but our board is also capable of connecting and managing a variety of devices and sensors, making it the ideal solution for industrial automation, smart home applications, and top-notch security systems. Electric Bolt Lock


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