Smart office

What is a smart office?

The core concept is the Internet of Thing (IoT) to connect all the devices in the office with the Internet to achieve "interconnection." According to "Smart Office Market by Product, Software & Service, Office Type, and Geography-Global Forecast to 2023", in 2023, the global smart office market will reach US$22 billion.


Why have large companies adopted smart offices in recent years?

All the construction of the smart office starts with technology, mainly to improve the overall working environment of the office and well utilize more energy (Energy Saving). The following are the main benefits that the smart office can achieve:


1. Energy efficiency

Smart offices can detect the environment through various sensors. For example, it can automatically adjust the temperature or light according to the number of users to avoid over-cooling, over-heating, and unnecessary waste.


2. Increase productivity

One of the most popular reasons for implementing smart office solutions is to increase the organization's productivity. For example, by making trivial tasks such as finding and booking meeting rooms easier, reducing time spent on non-work


3. Better use of office space

According to research, many companies end up with nearly 30% of reserved meeting rooms unused. We use the recognition system to eliminate unseen meetings and free up space for those in need.


4. Improve collaboration

Smart office solutions can make it easier for employees to meet and find space for temporary meetings. In addition, organizations that encourage collaboration are more likely to use the creativity and originality of their employees.


5. Actionable utilization insights

How a workplace is intended to be and how it is used are two different things. Smart office solutions can help managers understand which rooms or office configurations are the most or least popular.


6. Easy facility maintenance

The remote control of the Internet of Things makes it possible to know which office facilities are available or not—no need to check manually.


With Qbic's elite group of Industrial & Commercial based IT engineers, specializing in fields from SFF(Small form factor) Embedded computers, Mobile PC, Servers to SMART systems. Our Research and Development team is sophisticated in developing professional ARM-based technologies for various Smart Office applications. We can design and develop products from the ground up. Qbic offers a standard line of products and customized services with innovative, cutting-edge, and award-winning technologies.

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