Qbic Technology and Alcom Announce Technology Partnership

Qbic Technology partners with Alcom

Qbic Technology will partner with electronics distributor Alcom to make its products more easily accessible to the European market. Alcom specializes in high-quality system components and integrated solutions to connect customers with the world’s most advanced technologies.


This partnership is a significant step towards introducing Qbic’s desk and room booking solutions to the rest of the world during a time when space management is of paramount importance. Qbic is optimistic that integrating its devices to promote digital signage, booking and remote conferencing will expedite processes and streamline workflow.


About Alcom

Alcom electronics is the leading “technical distributor/stocking rep and manufacturers’ representative” for Electronic Component Solutions, Wireless Embedded Connectivity & Sensors, Wireless & Industrial Controls Networking, Display & Touch, Led & Solid State Lighting, Power & EMC, Rugged Mobile Computing and Embedded Systems, AI & Edge computing in the Benelux. For over 40 years we have sold high-quality system components, modules, board level and integrated solutions with all round services based on technical competence and knowhow. We bring leading edge innovations with a knowledgeable and dedicated team of 50 people to the market servicing a wide variety of customers either OEM, big, small or start-ups active in diverse vertical market segments and applications. – Marcel Den Bak (Alcom Managing Director)


Both Qbic and Alcom share similar values with an emphasis on long-term relationships with business partners, customer-centric organization, and dedication to quality and innovation.


Qbic Technology for Facility and Occupancy Management

Qbic Technology Desk & Room Booking Solutions enable Facility and Occupancy Management software vendors to combine their service with Qbic’s top-tier award-winning hardware. These solutions can quickly and easily be integrated to any environment to streamline check-in and reservation processes.


Qbic Technology ProAV Solutions

Qbic Technology is launching its first ProAV solution, the Zoom Personal Conference Pad. This intuitive conferencing system makes remote meetings safer and easier to navigate using an isolated IPS touch display.


About Qbic Technology

Qbic’s elite group of Industrial and Commercial-based IT background engineers specialize in fields from SFF (Small Form Factor) Embedded computers and Mobile PCs to servers and SMART systems. Our Research and Development team is sophisticated in developing professional ARM/X86-based technologies for various vertical markets and demand. With our in-house R&D, Mechanical, Electronic and Industrial design experience, we are able to design top-tier Box PCs, Desk and Room Booking Devices, and Conferencing products.


For additional information, visit www.Qbictechnology.com.

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