Which Qbic Digital Signage Player is Best for Your Business?

Qbic's range of digital signage players, from standard to advanced models.

Digital signage has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes to communicate effectively with their audience. With a variety of Android-based digital signage players available, selecting the right one can be challenging.

This guide will introduce Qbic’s digital signage player lineup and which best suits your specific needs based on different scenarios.

Which Qbic Digital Signage Player is Best Suited for Your Business?

From small businesses needing cost-effective solutions to large enterprises requiring advanced features, finding the right digital signage player is crucial. 

Below, we explore how different Qbic digital signage players address these challenges and provide tailored solutions on a wide-ranged spectrum of needs.

For Single Display Needs:

For Single Display and Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

For Single Display Needs

Meeting Standard Visual Communication Needs: BXP-100

Small businesses often struggle to communicate their messages effectively without breaking the bank. They need digital signage solutions that are both reliable and affordable, delivering clear, high-quality visuals that engage their audience.

Enter the BXP-100 Phantom, the first lightweight and compact-designed, Android-based digital signage player in Qbic’s lineup. The BXP-100 offers businesses unparalleled flexibility, making it easy to mount in tight spaces. Despite its small form factor, the BXP-100 delivers stunning 4K resolution at 60FPS, ensuring your content looks sharp and professional.

Ideal for corporate communications, menus, schedules, and advertisements, the BXP-100 Phantom is suited for corporate offices, education institutions, and retail stores. It strikes the perfect balance between cost, size, and performance, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking effective digital signage on a budget.


Enhanced Connectivity for Standard Use: FHD-200

Businesses looking to scale their operations often require affordable digital signage players that offer 4K/60FPS visual quality, robust durability, and more reliable connectivity. They need solutions to handle increased traffic, provide a seamless viewing experience, and provide reliable, fail-safe operations.

Building on the foundations that have made BXP-100 well-loved, FHD-200 is its successor designed to meet these needs with enhanced dual-band connectivity options and an external antenna, all in a small form factor. The enclosed, fanless design makes the FHD-200 a contender for whisper-silent operations in noise-free environments.

What makes FHD-200 stand apart from BXP-100 is in its housing. FHD-200’s metal housing promotes durability, better heat dissipation, making FHD-200 suited for extensive usage in challenging environmental elements, or for businesses that need to maintain a professional appearance with an affordable and scalable option.

Additionally, a crucial concern often voiced by businesses using digital signage players is reliability and maintenance. For example, retail chains may have numerous storefronts with multiple digital signage players powering promotional ad screens all day.

FHD-200 has a built-in independent watchdog timer that enables consistent operations with automatic resets in the event of system faults. Together with Qbic’s peripheral remote configuration software avaliable across all digital signage players, businesses can gain peace of mind knowing they will have remote access to the players without incurring additional maintenance costs.

Advanced Solutions for Specialized Needs: BXP-300, BXP-320

Advanced digital signage players offer specialized features to meet the needs of businesses with more complex requirements. These players are ideal for applications requiring high-quality audio-visual output or integration with IoT solutions.

Delivering High-Quality Audio-Visual Experiences: BXP-300

In environments where audio quality is as crucial as visual display—such as luxury retail, high-end showrooms, or large conference rooms—businesses need digital signage solutions that deliver exceptional audio-visual performance. The BXP-300 stands out by offering high-fidelity audio S/PDIF digital output alongside high-definition video.

BXP-300 makes enhancing the customer experience effortless, as well. In luxury retail and high-end showrooms, the quality of the audio can significantly influence the customer experience. The BXP-300’s superior audio output ensures that background music, announcements, and promotional content are delivered with exceptional clarity, creating a more engaging and immersive environment.

Whether it’s delivering powerful presentations in a conference room, hosting a corporate onboarding session, or creating an immersive atmosphere in a retail space, BXP-300 provides the flexibility needed to meet diverse audio-visual requirements.

Managing Complex AV Tasks and IoT Integration: BXP-320

Businesses integrating IoT solutions and requiring multitasking capabilities face the challenge of managing multiple data streams and interactive content efficiently.

The BXP-320 offers 4GB of memory and multiple connectivity options, making it suitable for smart offices and interactive kiosks. Together with Phoenix-type GPIO ports, BXP-320 supports seamless integration with IoT devices and sensors, ensuring versatile applications for your unique needs.

The flexibility of dual M.2 slots for an LTE module and SSD makes the BXP-320 a standout choice. The option to install an LTE module means the BXP-320 can maintain a network connection even in locations where Wi-Fi is unavailable, offering a second choice for outdoor installations or indoor areas with higher connection interference.

On the other hand, businesses can easily customize their storage solutions to fit their specific needs with the SSD slot. Whether you require extensive local storage for high-resolution content or need to frequently update your signage with new data, the BXP-320 has you covered.

For Single Display and PiP

Complex AV Multitasker with PiP: BXP-321

Medium-sized corporate conference rooms, entertainment venues or restaurants displaying menu screens often need to display multiple content sources simultaneously. Managing these efficiently while maintaining high visual quality is a common challenge.

From live TV streaming, displaying weather updates or news through the HDMI-IN port, the BXP-321 supports Picture-in-Picture (PiP) displays and retains the robust performance features of the BXP-320, enabling smooth multitasking from multiple, high-quality video sources.

BXP-321 also comes with an M.2 module for 4G LTE, ensuring uninterrupted operations even where Wi-Fi is unavailable, such as outdoor or indoor digital signage advertising screens. With its extensive configurable ports, such as Phoenix-type GPIO ports, BXP-321 is ideal for environments and scenarios that require displaying multiple data streams, integrating IoT devices and sensors.

For 2 Displays and PiP

Advanced Top-Tier Visual Quality, PiP, and AI Integration: BXP-350

For businesses that require the highest level of visual quality, dual-output to power two monitors, and are looking to integrate AI capabilities into their digital signage, finding a future-proof solution is crucial.

The BXP-350 meets these demands with support for 8K/60FPS video output, dual HDMI output, a 4K-ready HDMI-IN port for PiP and live TV streaming, extensive USB 3.0 ports for IoT device and sensor integrations, and AI-ready capabilities.

This makes the BXP-350 suited for large venues and applications requiring advanced technology for an unparalleled visual experience. Also, connecting with in-office and remote employees has never been effortless in hybrid workplaces. The BXP-350 supports seamless presentations and meetings through high-quality dual HDMI output and stable connection through wireless or Ethernet options, eliminating buffering issues and the hassle of investing in multiple digital signage solutions.

For reliable connectivity in these high-interference environments, the BXP-350 4G LTE supports, enabling businesses to mount this visual powerhouse anywhere without being limited by unavailable Wi-Fi connections.


Choosing the right digital signage player depends on addressing specific business challenges, from standard visual communication needs to advanced, dual-display, and IoT-integrated solutions. 

Whether you are a small business owner or managing a large-scale digital signage network, rest assured that there is a Qbic digital signage player that meets your needs and helps you achieve your communication objectives. Discover our full range of digital signage players here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I choose the right Qbic digital signage player?

A: Choose your Qbic digital signage player based on the following criteria:

  • Display needs: single or multi-display
  • Content applications: single or multiple content sources/screens on a single display
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, LTE, or wired connection.
  • Audio requirements: standard audio or S/PDIF-compatibility for high-quality audio needs.
  • I/O port options: standard or advanced needs.

Q: What is the best Qbic digital signage player for small businesses?

A: The newest FHD-200 and BXP-100 Phantom are ideal for small businesses. The FHD-200 has a durable metal housing and external antenna, while the BXP-100 has an internal antenna.


Both offer 4K resolution at 60FPS in a compact size and expandable storage size, suitable for corporate offices, education institutions, and retail stores.

Q: Which Qbic player is best for IoT/sensor integration?

A: Both the BXP-320 and BXP-321 are best suited for IoT integration, offering 4GB of memory, multiple connectivity options, and Phoenix-type GPIO ports for seamless integration with IoT devices and sensors.


The BXP-321 also features HDMI-IN for Picture-in-Picture (PiP), allowing multiple content sources on one display. This model is ideal for businesses needing advanced IoT integration and content versatility.

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