TD-0360 BookBuddy Secures Prestigious iF Design Award 2024

New Taipei City, March 6, 2024 –  Qbic Technology has once again distinguished itself, clinching the prestigious iF Design Award 2024 amidst nearly 11,000 innovative submissions from 72 countries, all competing for this distinguished symbol of excellence.

The TD-0360 BookBuddy, celebrated for its innovative contactless design, stood out to a jury of 132 global experts, clinching the award for its pioneering approach. This achievement upholds the award-winning tradition established by its predecessor, the TD-0350, which received the iF Design Award in 2019.

“Securing the iF Design Award for the fourth time is a profound affirmation of Qbic Technology’s sustained leadership in design and innovation,” remarked Primo Shao, CEO of Qbic Technology. “This honor not only acknowledges our team’s dedication but also highlights our significant influence within the industry. We are committed to continuing our work in developing solutions that not only enhance but also simplify user experiences across the globe.”

Designed with the hybrid work model in mind, BookBuddy seamlessly integrates into office spaces as a user-friendly desk booking panel. The process of securing a desk is simplified to a single touch or tap on the panel via a smartphone, enhanced by its Apple Wallet compatibility, making workspace reservation effortless.

BookBuddy is equipped with a state-of-the-art touchscreen panel that impresses with a brilliant 16.7 million color display and On-Cell technology. This innovation not only offers unmatched display clarity but also significantly improves touch responsiveness, setting BookBuddy apart from competing desk booking panels.

BookBuddy’s design includes customizable, vivid LED indicators, which enable users to discern the status of desks from a distance effortlessly. This feature, aligned with Qbic Technology’s steadfast commitment to advancing user experiences and driving efficiency, highlights the company’s dedication to a seamless workplace integration. It’s this approach that allows professionals to effortlessly meet their workplace needs, achieving their goals with minimal friction.

Ready to elevate desk booking operations in your hybrid work office? More information about TD-0360 BookBuddy can be found here or get in contact with us here.

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Qbic Technology (6825.TW), a pioneering force in high-performance, low-power ARM-based devices and solutions, revolutionizes spaces worldwide with smarter and eco-eco-friendly technologies. Qbic is uniquely positioned to cater to diverse industry needs with years of award-winning expertise in power-efficient ARM technology and more. Fueled by a strong commitment to excellence, Qbic is eager to offer comprehensive ODM/DMS services and deliver tailor-made intelligent devices and solutions that can transform clients’ visions into reality. Qbic Technology is a recipient of the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Award and the 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award, both presented by the Business Intelligence Group.


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