Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Human Machine Interface ( HMI ) always plays an essential role in the interaction between humans and machines in factory automation.  However, each device, factory, and application needs different HMIs with various features to fulfill its unique requirements.  It is difficult for most HMI suppliers to design the products to cover such comprehensive requests because each HMI manufacturer has its advantage, such as specializing in either Intel or ARM platforms.

Qbic Technology is an unconventional industrial company, designs and manufactures trusted HMI with multiple services and penetrating knowledge on integrating hardware, software, and mechanical.  For example, Qbic supports ARM platforms, MCU families such as TI, ST, NXP, Rockchip, NVIDIA, whose operating system includes updated Android, FreeRTOS, Linux, and Windows. The display size ranges from 2.8” to 37” with various types of touch such as Resistive touch, PCAP, IR touch, and SAW touch.  It creates a friendly and practical user interface between humans and HMI.  Moreover, experienced ME design makes HMI fit into limited space anywhere in the factory.  Qbic successfully integrates all of the features above into HMI for different applications and requirements of factory automation.

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