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Appspace is the workplace experience platform for your whole team that lets you manage it all – from employee communications to your physical office spaces. So work-from-anywhere becomes an experience everyone loves.

Enhanced Room Booking

Transform how you book meeting spaces with Appspace, seamlessly integrated with Qbic’s advanced TD-1070 and TD-1060 panels. This powerful setup not only simplifies the booking process but also elevates your operational efficiency, empowering your team to conduct meetings effortlessly. Optimize your space usage and ensure your meetings are more about strategy and less about setup.

Appspace & Qbic On spot booking
Appspace & Qbic Dynamic Desk Booking

Dynamic Desk Booking

Revolutionize your workspace with Appspace’s dynamic desk reservation system, perfectly complemented by Qbic’s TD-0360 Book Buddy and TD-0350. This pairing offers unmatched flexibility, adapting swiftly to the needs of a hybrid workforce and ensuring that every team member finds their space swiftly and efficiently. Maximize your office layout and empower your team to choose how and where they work best, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.

Creative Digital Displays

Supercharge your digital communications with Appspace and Qbic’s BXP-320 and BXP-300 Box PCs. These platforms deliver stunning, crisp visuals that not only attract but engage your audience, making every message count. Drive higher interaction and ensure your communications strategy resonates deeply with every viewer.

Appspace & Qbic - Streamlined Office Interactions

Streamlined Office Interactions

Appspace and Qbic redefine how your office operates, merging intuitive software with cutting-edge hardware to create a seamlessly efficient workspace. This synergy not only enhances productivity but also intuitively aligns with modern operational demands. Experience a smoother workflow that frees your team from mundane tasks and focuses on innovation.

Empowering Company Culture

Cultivate a thriving workplace culture with Appspace and Qbic, where technology fosters connection and enhances employee engagement. Our integrated solutions enrich every interaction, turning routine exchanges into opportunities for collaboration and growth. Build a community within your office that’s engaged, inspired, and continuously evolving.

Appspace & Qbic Company Culture

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